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SANTO  is  increasingly  recognized for its  engineering  expertise and ability to provide a  total  Design,  Manufacturing, Maintenance and  re-engineering solution  for its
customers in India &  abroad. Commitment  &  Timely service are clrearly hallmark at SANTO. The spirit of  leadership has helped SANTO to capture and sustain  the  highest market  share in  all  our  endeavors,  thus  achieve  a turnover of  approximately US $ 6.25 million per annum along in just span of 6 years.

We  have  well  equiped  modern  machinery  to undertake engineering challenging, tailor-
made  fabricated  sheet metal component(s) and heavy engineering  components to match
ustomer requirements. Our team comprises of  well
Trained  Engineers, CNC  Programmer
and  skilled labor to execute all types of jobs on metal sheets such as design, draughting, machining, Punching, Forming, Shearing, Bending, Fabrication, Welding and Assembly etc. We take pride in our family of handpicked, highly experienced and trained professionals. Our design office is well equipped with CAD technologies like API 00, AutoCAD & Pro-E software. Our project management skills allows us to provide a total engineering maintenance solution for customers.

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  Heavy  Machining
  CNC  Machining
   Sheet Metal(Rolling/Bending)
  CAD Design Draughting
  Project Management
  General  Machining
   Heavy Plate Fabrication
  Nondestructive Testing
  Forming & Rolling
  Laser Cutting
  Flame Cutting
  Other Capabilities
  Quality control
  Painting Shop

 Our flexibility and diversity enables us to react quickly to plant breakdowns and minimize production interruptions. We are  prepared to undertake special projects for designing manufacturing and supply of sheet metal component(s) in all types of  materials like CRCA, GP Sheet, Stainless Sheet and Aluminum for various applications with or without materials.

 We also have a well equipped paint shop under the name of Metafine Enterprises which has been set up to extend an  additional service to our most esteemed clients. We offer further finishing work for our processed sheet metal components with  Powder Coating, Our aim is to provide best possible quality. Infrastructural facilities encompass uninterrupted
Power supply with  100% DG backup, 500 HP connected power, machinery of $ 6.25 millions, 15 skilled engineers, With area of 20,000 sq, mtrs. as  well as 100,000 sq.ft built-up area, Build assets worth US $ 12 Millions, and 70 skilled technicians.

 • Oil & Gas Industry
 • Construction Machine Building
 • Telecommunication
 • Marine Industry 
• Air-Conditioning
• Tools and Spare parts
• Sheet Plant Equipments
• Petrochemicals
• Wind Mills /Power Generation Plants
• Bio-Medical/Pharmaceutical
• Refinary
• Aerospace
• Thermal Power Plant
• Nuclear Power Plant
• Defence/ Armor components
• Other Heavy Industries