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Serving heavy equipment manufacturers across a variety of industries SANTO excels at value-added plate processing and fabricating. We roll and form all types of plate materials: carbon, stainless, alloy and high-hard abrasion-resistant Sheet , plus titanium and other Advanced Metals.

We offer a rolling capacity that easily accommodates heavy wall, long-length cylinders constructed in a single piece. Examples are components for nuclear and fossil power generation, pressure vessel shells and containers for storing and transporting radioactive materials. We also make critical components for the defense industry, mining draglines and shovels, and heavy-haul rail cars.


Laser Cut Components

• Aerial ladders & man lifts
• Bridge structurals
• Nested parts
• Frame rails
• Communications towers
• Conveyors & crans booms


 Fabricated Components

 • Angles, barrels and cannisters
 • Casks, cones, cone sections
 • Draglines and drums
 • Pressure vessels and shells
 • Gear blanks
 • Crucibles, foundry ladles & 
    dipper lips

Rolled Components

 • Rings
 • Cylinders
 • Cones
 • Segments
 • Cylinder heads

Formed Components

 • Frame rails
 • Telescoping crane booms
 • Conveyor parts
 • Truck & bus components
 • Bridge components
 • Communications towers
 • Structural beams
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   Sheet Metal(Rolling/Bending)
  CAD Design Draughting
  Project Management
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   Heavy Plate Fabrication
  Nondestructive Testing
  Forming & Rolling
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